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Web designing is a process that involves the creation of a website. This is done by a professional or expert who is capable of coming up with a creative website design and maintain it for a long time to come. Web designing requires knowledge, skills and inspiration.

Web designing is a field of art that involves various tools, systems and techniques. It is a technology that allows a user to create a website. Web design is an intricate and complex process. There are many facets that are involved when a web designer designs a website for a client.

Web designing can be divided into two major parts. These are the technical and the creative aspects. A professional is required to create a successful website. The technical part involves the designing of the website. This consists of the coding, developing and tweaking the website.

Web designing does not only mean creating a website. It also includes creating a successful marketing campaign and website ranking. It is essential to follow some basic guidelines to achieve the desired results. Some of the most important aspects of web designing are:

o First and foremost, you should remember that professionalism is an important factor. A professional should possess the requisite skills and knowledge to make the best of his website design and development.

o The second thing that you need to know about web designing is that creativity is an important element. A creative web designer should be able to come up with unique ideas and plans. He should be able to express his thoughts and ideas in unique and interesting ways.

o The third aspect of web designing is the design of the website layout. A professional should have a proper knowledge about how a website is laid out. He should be able to design a layout that has the functionality as well as the aesthetic sense.

o The fourth aspect of web designing is the concept of using various types of fonts. Fonts play an important role in the web designing.

o The fifth factor of web design is the availability of a user-friendly and simple interface. A user should be able to navigate the website easily.

o The sixth factor of web designing is the ease with which you can modify and change the website. A website should have a look and feel of its own. It should not be dependent on a particular hosting service.

{T what is web designing? | what is web designing? o The seventh factor of web designing is that content should be catchy and compelling. A catchy design makes your web design appealing and the content should be available to the users in a straightforward manner.