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IOS App Development Optimization – A Specialized SEO

IOS app development is an encompassing process that involves aspects other than coding. Sure, you have a killer app or game that’s already done, and all the bugs removed. Getting the app to be searched and found by customers is another thing. Just uploading the app in the Apple app store won’t sell it. A special brand of SEO answers the problems in marketing an IOS app.

The App Store Search Engine

Maybe people don’t realize it, but the app store also has its own special search engine. The App Store currently has almost 2 million applications. That’s 2 million competitors that could bury your app.


The following are steps you can take to make sure that your application gets ranked once a customer searches for it. You can use local SEO services because the theory is almost the same.


Grab the Name Space

Look the namespace in the app store in advance. When you develop an app, you already have a special package name that is unique to your application among the thousands of apps with similar content. Use SEO to narrow that namespace so that people searching for a game will see your app rank first in the search engine results page (SERP).


Research your Audience

Part of successful app development is to research the app and game trends. Learn to anticipate what games will become popular or try to ride the current trend if it is still in its infancy. Use SEO guidelines when sending out surveys.

The questionnaire should allow customers to choose keywords or buzzwords which can form the basis of your apps. For example, a small survey in 2011 predicted the rise of the mobile multiplayer online battle arena. Since then, different developers have created MOBA games which remain to be very profitable.

Advertising Your App With SEO

Successful developers don’t have global releases contrary to what most people think. An app is usually released on a local level first. They build a strong base of users to draw upon comments and suggestions as well as create fans. A fanbase plus local SEO service can easily make your app a viral hit in one location. Riding that wave, you can push for global SEO and use the posts made by the fanbase for worldwide advertisements.

For example, one popular MOBA called Mobile Legends started in China. Players recorded themselves and uploaded videos and screenshots in social media. An SEO company then used the generated content for worldwide SEO to promote the game. Mobile Legends managed to grow from 800k downloads to 4 million and then 10 million in a span of one month.

SEO Company for IOS App Marketing

Have an app that you want to advertise? At Algorank.ca, we’ll handle it with SEO for both the App Store and search engines on the internet. We’ll follow it up with online reputation management and see the downloads of your app grow. Book an appointment and let us show you our marketing strategy.