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The approach an SEO company takes should depend heavily on the client’s needs and niche.

Project Highlights

  1. 300% increase in traffic
  2. Local optimization included new listings, citation clean up, an JSON-LD schema implementation, pulling
    in more than 100 viable local leads
  3. Advanced, white hat link and signal building strategies
  4. Multiple campaigns designed to specifically highlight locality and experiential strength
  5. Internal link and structure redesign for maximum effectiveness

Planning & Strategy

OttawaSEO.net was a new startup in the nation capital that wanted to rank #1 for a
total of 5 extremely competitive keywords in the digital marketing niche.
This was a challenging project since we were in direct competition with other SEO
companies. The most important keywords were, “Ottawa SEO”, and “SEO Ottawa”,
and “SEO”
Having their input as to who their target audience was and our expertise on how to
reach them translated into a 300% increase in leads.

Post Launch

Our thorrow website audit and keyword research provided us with an amazing custom
framework to use, however, there was still much work to be done. Semantically,
everything was exactly where it needed to be, however, content and articles needed
to be improved, custom title tags and descriptions needed to be written, and internal
linking needed to be tightened up.
We knew that because of the competitive nature of ranking against other SEO companies
we were going to have to create a lot of content and links to help increase
this companies authority online.


The results with this project were amazing and still are. Ottawaseo.net is still ranking
on the first page of google for it’s preferred keywords and for many other search
terms that were not included in the project and our proposal. They continue to be a
long standing customer of ours.



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